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We are DLI Travel, a boutique travel company specializing in holidays to India and Southeast Asia.
We’re born travellers with years of experience and loads of first hand tested stays, eateries and ways to have an amazing journey. What we do is provide experiences difficult to find with other tour operators. Our mission is to take you deeper, turning your holidays into an authentic, unique and unforgettable adventure.

Would you take part in an ancient ritual in the amazingly located temple? How about sleeping in the Indian maharaja palace or in the stunning Balinese villa? Would you accept a dinner invitation from the simple local family after having a gourmet meal in the high-class sunset restaurant the night before? What about going through the muddy jungle taking as a reward a refreshing shower in the hidden waterfall?

This is our style. We provide a great balance of cultural insights, adventure and relaxation blended with unique accommodation and amazing culinary experiences. But more than that, we look after our guests not just as customers but as friends and familiars.

Dare to make a step out of the beaten track. Let us be your hosts, guides and companions on your way to discover a beating heart of Asia.

Meet Our TEAM

Shubho Dutta

Passionate Traveler and DLI Travel Owner

Born in India, as a first-year student in a respected Hotel Management School in Shannon, Ireland, Shubho wasn’t sure how to properly cook basmati rice. Thanks to his passion for a good food, appetite for discovery combined with surprising determination in improving his skills and genuine joy in sharing the good things with others -not only has he become Master Chef among his friends and family but back in 2006, he created DLI Travel. A travel company where the “customers” are called “friends” and all the elements of the itineraries leading to the authentic travel experiences are carefully handpicked and tested, like the ingredients of the gourmet dish which unique taste you will always remember.


Travel Experience Builder

As a fresh graduate, she was sitting on a plane to Jamaica knowing that her life would never be the same. When she was boarding the plane to Singapore she was convinced that she is just about starting a new chapter in her life. Every time Ania boards a long-haul flight to Delhi, Kolkata, Bali, Bangkok, Havana, Florida she smiles to herself wondering what adventures the life prepared for her this time. As DLI Travel co-founder, she uses her own adventures to make every itinerary an authentic and deep travel experience.

Anita Chalejew

Customer Happiness &
Asian Destinations Specialist

Being lost on holidays with her family as a seven-year-old girl didn’t discourage Anita from discovering the world. On contrary, as grown up she has travelled even further reaching such faraway lands as India, Thailand or Cambodia. Now, as a part of DLI Travel family, she fully enjoys bringing those incredible destinations closer to everyone looking for authentic travel experiences.


Customer Happiness &
European Destinations Specialist

When she was a little girl, she was even afraid to go outside her garden. But growing up she understood that what the unknown fascinates her as she has loved adventures. And where are the best adventures? Bingo!  She started to discover the world – she was living in England, studying in Spain and she tries to explore as much as she can. One of the best experience she has? Climbing mountains with the Bedouins and sleeping on a desert in Jordan. She survived. And now her garden isn’t a mystery.

Amazing India

Mind-expanding diversity and intensity of Rajasthan, Kolkata and Assan

Amazing Bali and Surroanding Islands

One of a kind, Bali, Gili and Nusa Penida

Amazing Vietnam & Cambodia

Stunning highlights of two countries

Boost Camp Bali

A lifetime investment for busy professionals



We want to show you South-Asian highlights, whenever possible, avoiding crowded beaten tracks. Every itinerary is hand-crafted and it seems that we've found a perfect blend of culture, relax and adventure for your amazing holidays.


Sharing a palace with a maharaja sounds great even for one night. How about having your own waterfall in the Balinese villa overlooking rice fields? We're doing everything to provide you with unique experiences, day and night.


Every single tour includes unforgettable culinary explorations. From home-made dish prepared by the local family, trough street food to gourmet delicacy served by high-class sunset restaurant, we want you to taste the world with us.


For us, you are not a simple client but a travel companion. During our tours, you’ll meet like-minded people sharing a passion for discovery and a small group will allow you to get further off the tourist trails for a more intimate experience.

The attention given to us is one to one The accommodation and the food were excellent. The value for money is very good and DLI are people you can trust.

jUNE, lONDON, uk

It´s perfect and definitely a holiday you would remember. There are things that you were able to do with DLI that no other travel agency can provide“.

George, London, UK

It was a splendid holiday. The food was excellent. I’ve travelled with DLI before and I liked it so much that’s why I travelled with them again“.

Jane, Dartford, UK

Best holiday I’ve ever been. They gave personal touch like no other tour operator will give you. It is an adventure and this is something that you will never see on any other holiday.


Looking on what we got compared to what we paid, it is absolutely great value for money. We are treated like friends not as clients and that’s the difference.

George, London, UK

It’s been absolutely amazing. With all the places we’ve seen, all the food that we’ve eaten and all the experiences we have, this is absolutely best value for money.”

Linda, Essex, UK

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