It took us a long time, thousands of kilometres, hundreds of travellers sharing the same trails, loads of challenges and much more rewarding moments to learn what we know today.

Maybe we don’t have the exact answer on how the black holes are created nor are we the experts of the theory of time and space. But we know what it has to do with discovering a real Asia. And we know it by practice.

Yes, it sounds strange. And wait, what does a real Asia even mean?

If for you a real Asia is this delicious Tikka Masala you order sometimes for lunch when someone miraculously cancels a meeting in your fully booked work day or this one trade show in China where you were sent on the last minute because your colleague caught adult chickenpox two days before…you probably should keep reading.

Do you remember the last occasion when you really had time? Waiting for the bus arriving 15 minutes late doesn’t count. Nor does this short moment before you fall asleep, somewhere in between of one ending day full of impossible deadlines and the beginning of the next one, which probably will also have no mercy passing too fast.

What if there is a place where the time extends, slows down or sometimes even stops?

Do you want the exact location, right now as you don’t have time to waste? Well, we can give you some hints but there is no exact Google Maps link we can share.

Leave your familiar trails even for 14 days, enter the fascinating world that with million intense scents, vibrant colours and sensations will pull you out of everything that is known, regular…and sometimes overwhelming.

Take your time to taste, experience, discover, to change the perspective, to soak the atmosphere of the ancient cultures, to delve into nature and to meet local communities. Take your time to go for adventure, to leave your comfort zone and why not…spoil yourself in exotic scenery as you definitely earned it (do you remember this awful annual report you prepared?).

 And this is how the black holes and discovering of real Asia are linked: the same as nothing can escape the strong gravity, once you experience ALL that, you will always keep it inside, not letting go any of the memories.

No matter if you will take the crazy rikshaw ride in India, delve into the dense jungle to see how the light brings out the shape Angkor Wat in Cambodia or simply you will exchange a smile with a Balinese farmer, this will be a real Asia…as it will be your Asia.

And once you are back home, maybe this one smile will be an anchor that won’t let the furious everyday life pace carry you away this time.

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