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Is Bali too touristy and crowded? Has Bali lost its charm and became too congested or is it still a paradise island? From time to time I hear this question from my friends expecting the Eat, Pray, Love scenery but worried to meet over-commercialized island with too many Julias Robert looking more for a good selfie and a drink than for themselves. After so many months that I spent on Bali, following well known and off-beaten tracks I feel that this article can give you an answer.
Bali hidden waterfall, is Bali too touristy?
Balinese rituals are present in everyday life, is Bali too touristy?
Bali is both spoilt and pristine, crowded and untouched, superficial and authentic. And it´s totally up to you which of its sides Bali will show to you.
Bali rich culture evidences are hidden around the island, is Bali too touristy?

Better don’t picture yourself in the slow motion moving between green rice paddies with Gamelan music in the background as soon as you land. Or, you can actually expect a slow motion taking into the consideration the number of travelers which have to pass through custom and immigration controls together with you. Just to give you an idea, there is about 1 million foreign arrivals monthly.

Once you finally get trough, instead of paradise scenery you can be even overwhelmed by the hectic traffic and hustled by taxi drivers to take a ride with them. Bali´s infrastructure is struggling to cope with the increasing numbers of visitors, so be prepared for huge traffic and big crowds in some areas.

MY TIP: Contact your villa or hotel in advance to organize your pickup. One of so many good things about Bali is that even a small guest house will offer to provide pickup service from the airport. You can also take a taxi at the official taxi counter located outside the arrivals hall. The actual prices can be located here


The place where you will stay is more likely to determine your overall Bali experience. It depends on what you are looking for but for sure I wouldn’t recommend Kuta, Legian and Seminyak regions for the travelers looking an authentic Bali side. Those are more likely frequented by party-hard lovers, cheap deal and drinks seekers.

Bali has many themed places where you can stay.

MY TIP: You can choose to stay in a homestay – outstanding quality for $30. It is something I have done plenty of times, and I love it.

You can also visit villas for $60 – $120 depending on which area.

Below are the areas I recommend:


Canggu is full of rice fields and offers a very close vicinity to the beaches. The Canggu beaches are not the best. It is in the south of Bali. However, it is an amazing place to stay. There are beautiful sunsets to marvel at on the beach. Overall, you’ll get an incredible experience.


Not at the centre of Ubud, but around Ubud. One, two or three kilometres around Ubud is a good choice. For example, in our case, for the Amazing Bali tours we organize, we stay in villas overlooking the forests in Ubud. Such a villa would usually cost you between $100 and $120.


One key feature about Uluwatu is that it gives you access to the best beaches in Bali. In our last trip, we stayed in Uluwatu for one month. It was a fantastic experience. Uluwatu is high up which means you get all the cliff views.


Believe it or not, there are over 20 000 temples in Bali. Since I am recommending that you stay in more of the village areas, you can easily tour a local temple.

MY TIP: Visit a local temple, see the ceremonies and connect with the locals. Talk to them, they are uniquely lovely people who are open-minded. Be open-minded as well and kind to them. Getting to understand the locals during your tours leaves a lasting impression.

More famous temples:

Tirta Empul Temple (Tampaksiring)

The temple is also called the Holy Spring Temple. Yes, there are tourists, but it is an incredible place which will give an insight to Balinese culture through witnessing an authentic ritual of purification in the holy spring.

Uluwatu Temple

Beautiful place, primarily due to the incredible views of the cliffs.


Bali has amazing waterfalls. All different types and styles of falls deep inside the jungle but they are all spread around the island and receive different tourist inflow.

Tegenungan waterfall

Tegenungan is the most famous fall in Bali. It is a massive fall with scintillating views. For this fall, however, the issue is a crowd. There is a vast number of tourists visiting it every single day.

Kampo Lampo waterfall

The fall is in Beng Village – part of Gianyar District, in Bali. It takes about a one and half hours drive from Ngurah International Airport.

MY TIP: Don’t just take photos of Kampo Lampo waterfall, go to the left-hand side where the locals are swimming, bathing and washing. Take part as well and have fun with them. Be open-minded. You can break away from the other travellers and have a pleasant and peaceful experience.

Aling-Aling waterfall

Aling-Aling wataerfall has a height of 35 meters above the ground. At the top of the fall. It divides into two side by side falls.


One of my favorite things to do in Bali is observing sunsets.

I will recommend 2 locations where you’re almost always going to witness beautiful sunsets.

Berawa Beach

Berawa has a peaceful environment suitable for admiring a beautiful sunset.

Uluwatu Beach

At Uluwatu, you can admire the view of the sun melting in the horizon from one of the cocktail joints around. One of these joints is the Single Fin. Being high up on a cliff, you get stunning sights of the beach below and the sun on the horizon.


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