A former corporate employee, who some time ago asked herself a question: Am I going where I really want to go? And it was not because she was lost at the shopping center.  Now after adjusting her north, as a part of DLI Travel, she fully enjoys using her (rediscovered) skills each and every day.


Standing in the office kitchen and counting the vital coffee drops falling into the cup…or maybe…just in the middle of this crucial/critical/ultimate conference call…

Do you feel like stuck at some point in your career and not really sure if you want to move forward in the same direction? Do you have an impression that in the corporate hustle your natural potential has been lost somehow, somewhere? How many times did you think, “Holy…, it’s already June. When did this whole time pass?” We’ve been there.

What if there is a place carefully designed for people standing on the professional crossroads or just wanting to boost their inner resources, to stop a crazy race of the busy days full of targets, meetings, not used lunch breaks and not that long (lonely?) evenings and nights…

Actually, it exists and it´s so much more than a place…


The Boost Camp Bali is a 2-weeks co-living, co-working, confidence building, wellness and coaching project to blow your inner strength and give you a space to meet yourself with yourself out of the hectic business world. Not forgetting about enriching meetings with like-minded people, professionals and local communities…

We want the Boost Camp Bali to be the best proposal for people like you, highly-performing in the demanding business environment. People who need the perfect conditions to recharge / re-boost / rediscover themselves in the limited time of the annual leave.


Your company ensures you are “100% committed” to “facilitate goal-oriented”, “value adding”, “out-of-the-box” and “disruptive” professional approach, keeping the “KPIs” high and “take it all to the next level”, of course, “ASAP”.

Meanwhile, the purpose of Boost Camp Bali is to ensure that you are 100% committed to yourself, self-oriented and adding value to your own life. All lights on you! It doesn’t mean that we want you to become a full-time egoist. It means that the more you grow, the more you’re able to give to yourself and the others:

Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.


We have been selecting the most exquisite ingredients for our formula to give you the perfect conditions to take a really deep breath and rediscover yourself, your needs, your (forgotten?) dreams, your potential… After mixing them all together we are proud to present you the BOOST CAMP BALI, or to be more precise Boost Camp Bali & Nusa Penida as those are the 2 islands where the boosting magic happens!

We have started with a handful of Balinese magic atmosphere…

Imagine yourself embraced by the intense green landscapes, accompanied by the comforting sound of water. Let the air full of spiritual serenity caress your senses. Feel the energy of centenary temples, experience rituals, soak the wisdom of the ancient cultures.

Imagine living for 2 weeks in an authentic Balinese villa overlooking rice paddies or boutique resort, offering refreshment in the waters of the private swimming pool and the meditation zone. We will provide you with the perfect surrounding to focus and grow.

Then, we have added some inspiring meetings…

Imagine sharing your knowledge and experience with other professionals. Imagine getting it all back, enriched by the different perspective of people from other backgrounds and fields. Brainstorm, exchange, interact, let the free creativity flow and lift you up.

And a handful of adrenaline injecting activities…

Imagine trekking on the Mount Batur volcano, Nusa Penida cliff climbing, swimming with Manta Rays in the crystal clear waters, delving into the lavish jungle looking for hidden waterfalls or rafting…to make you feel that you´re alive and that you are capable to do anything and everything!

We couldn’t forget about big doses of body and mind aliment…

 To balance the formula, we have sprinkled the Boost Camp with the meditation techniques and a range of physical activities. Imagine yourself free of worries, We could not bypass the wellness aspect, so here it is, a spoonful of SPA treatments immersing you in the world of pleasure and relaxation. To get super creative we will treat you with superfood and to make the boost effect last muuuuch longer, you will learn how to prepare yourself dishes that will blow your superpowers.

As a topping, we’ve equally poured in a unique blend of mind-blowing holiday experiences…

Imagine being delighted each evening with incredible culinary explorations during diverse and hand-crafted dining itinerary, sunbathing at the pristine beaches, imagine taking a grasp of the everyday life of Balinese family and island hopping…

Now stop imaging it. Just make it real. You cannot miss Boost Camp Bali. Because we are giving the perfect scenery to rediscover your potential and boost your strength, but, the most important ingredient in this recipe…is you.

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