Are you going from excited to overwhelmed with every next website, blog post or guide that you find when preparing for your perfect Bali trip? If the questions where to stay, where are the best beaches in Bali, what to do in Bali & how to get to all the amazing places…keep you up at night, here is something just for you. All in one place. And with an interactive map.

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See an Authentic Bali

With the rising number of visitors, it’s sometimes hard to feel the magic atmosphere of this island. But, trust me! The magic is still there. You just have to know where to find it. In My Bali Guide, I include iconic, must-see landmarks but I focus more on the off-the-beaten-track places where you’ll experience an authentic Bali. 


Tried, Tested & Free

During the last 10 years of visiting Bali, I’ve seen hundreds of sunsets, I got to nearly every corner, I’ve visited tens of temples, waterfalls and rice fields and I’ve tasted a countless number of dishes and drinks. Want to know how to avoid scams and where you can have the most delicious organic smoothie? It’s all there. 


Find your way with a customized Google Map

The exact location of every temple, rice terrace, sunset point, beach or restaurant that I encourage you to visit is one click away. Once you click on the location mark next to the place name, the customised Google Map will open. You just can’t go wrong here.

Have a look inside

In my Bali Guide I tried to gather all the essential information, so you don’t have to bounce from one source to another. Before the trip you already have a lot on your plate, don’t you?

Maybe the most important part of the guide is WHAT TO SEE & DO which covers: Temples, Waterfalls, Rice-fields, Beaches, Sunsets, Infinity Pools, SPA and Adventure. All with the special focus on how to avoid the crowds and get further off-the-beaten tracks.

Probably my favourite one is WHERE TO EAT. I guess it says a lot about me 🙂

In the section SURROUNDING ISLANDS, you´ll find out how you can make your trip to Bali even more complete.

Learn about common SCAMS & HOW TO AVOID THEM and take a look at some USEFUL LINKS.

One of some things that make this guide different from the others available online is THE GOOGLE MAP. Every place mentioned has a location sign next to it. Just click it and you will know where the place is and how to get there.

Maybe it will sound bad, but…I wished I had this guide before 🙂 I hope it will serve you well!


Here you can watch a video with some of my Bali travel tips. For more extended information & Google Maps locations, download the written version of My Bali Guide.

I’m an authentic travel seeker, foodie and co-founder of DLI Travel. Bali has been on my radar for the last 10 years. I’ve lived there, I’ve tried to discover its every corner and I’ve shown its beauty to my travel companions on our DLI trips.

I decided to write this Bali guide as I met many people who visited Bali and came back with meh experience. Let’s make sure it won’t happen to you!

And let me show you why after 10 years I keep coming back for more to the “island of gods” 🙂