You have only one life and now is the time to LIVE it.


Discover amazing India and find your way to a more mindful life.

Are you going where you really want to go?

  • Do you constantly feel that you’re running, but without control over the direction?
  • Do you sometimes wish to leave everything that’s familiar and immerse in the different, fascinating world?
  • Is it possible to see you screaming when you’re stuck in the traffic jam? (Inner scream counts too).
  • Do you sometimes wish you could simply press pause and breathe?

We get it…because we’ve been there.

We’ve been running from one place to another. Caring about our beloved ones, schedules and deadlines, plants and well shaped abdominal. But forgetting to care about ourselves. And some time ago we asked ourselves the same question: are we going where we want to go? And do we want to go that fast, losing the track of days, months and years?
Now, after stopping for a while and adjusting our compasses, we know where we’re headed. And we couldn’t be more excited to share with you our new mindful travel project: Boost Camp India

Our remedy: Boost Camp India

Boost Camp India is not a conventional two-week holiday.  It’s a mix of discovering authentic India with discovering the way to the conscious and mindful life.
Unlike other vacations, Boost Camp India is not only an amazing travel experience. It also aims to bolster your inner strength, giving you space to breathe and think. And it’s inspiring you to take the path to fulfill your true potential.
We want the Boost Camp India to be the best proposal for the people who want to travel, have fun, learn and discover. Does it sound like you?

How It Works


11 Days

15 Like-minded Boost Campers



Leave your familiar trails and discover FaSCINATING India. Get amazed with the treasures of royal Rajasthan like ICONIC Taj Mahal or Pink City. But also dare to follow off the beaten tracks. Take your time to soak the atmosphere of the ancient cultures and meet local communities. Take a LOCAL RICKSHAW RIDE, Taste authentic food AND SLEEP like MAHARAJAH.


While you’ll be getting deeper into indian landscape and intimidating cultural heritage, you’ll have a chance to go deeper within yourself. SHUBHO, WITH 19-YEAr MEDITATION practice,will gUIDE MINDFULNESS SESSIONS, SOMETIMES ON THE GO 🙂 get rid of THE toxic thinking patterns, learn how to calm your mind AND HOW TO BE more PRESENT IN YOUR LIFE.

The purpose of Boost Camp INDIA is to ensure that you are 100% committed to yourself, adding value to your own life.


How Do I know If Boost Camp India is Right For Me?

Your time is precious and we want to help you in taking the right decision, so we´ve tried to anticipate questions and concerns you might have.

Did we miss something?

Who are the other Boost Campers?

There is a common denominator for all Boost Campers; they should be:

  • open-minded and eager to discover the world
  • willing to learn and experience new things
  • seeking the best version of themselves, professionally and personally
Who should not go for the Boost Camp India?

Boost Camp Bali is NOT for people that:

  • are looking to spend two weeks on the beach
  • think that they know it all and have all the answers
  • say “no” to new solutions and different perspectives
Is there any age restriction to participate?

Boost Camp India has been designed for adults who need to recharge and rediscover their potential in the limited time of annual leave. To grant the perfect conditions to achieve this, we are inviting like-minded people who are at a similar stage in their careers and lives.

I will be travelling alone, is it a problem?

No, not at all! The group of 15 Boost Campers will be composed mostly of solo travelers, and we anticipate that this will help to enhance the experience and hope that many of you will become great friends and enhance the Boost Camp India Community.

How is the accommodation?

We know that after taking a break from your busy lives you deserve a bit of luxury and wish to spoil yourself a little bit. Or more than just a little.

That’s why Boost Camp India accommodation is outstanding: from luxurious hotels with a charm to authentic maharajah palace…

How is the food?

Are you a foodie? So are we!

Every day will start with a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Our handcrafted itinerary makes sure that you taste the best of India. And be prepared for an authentic culinary experience: from up market restaurants to humble eateries. This is how real India tastes!

What language we will speak?

As Boost Campers come from all around the world we will use English.

Is it obligatory to participate in every activity?

You work very hard during the year. And if you decide to join Boost Camp Bali you’re giving us something priceless: your free time. We have used our experience and knowledge to craft an itinerary with activities which we think makes the best investment of your time and money. But you are more than welcome to do as much or as little as you wish – at Boost Camp India you’re your own boss. 🙂

Is Boost Camp physically demanding?

The Boost Camp Bali itinerary is packed with activities and some of them require a medium level of fitness.  

How my day will look like on the Boost Camp India?

Each day at Boost Camp India typically consists of:

  • morning boost sessions (detox drink, exercises, meditation/ mindfulness)
  • healthy breakfast
  • an authentic travel experience (visiting India highlights and also fallowing off-the-beaten tracks, learning from the first hand about India heritage, culture, nature and community)
  • wrap up the day with an amazing dinner or contemplate the sunset with a drink in your hand

We aim for the perfect blend of deep boosting, adventure, cultural insight and relaxation.

Click here to view the detailed day by day itinerary.

 11 Days Boost Camp India

Boost Camp India is launching!!! There are only 15 places for each date so make sure you are one of the pioneer Boost Campers!

And guess what?  We got you covered! Book now to secure your place by paying a deposit of €150 (or equivalent) and in case you change your mind within the next 30 days, we will return you the full paid amount.

$4200 USD (excl any Flights)

16 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2023
Price Details


  • A once in a lifetime experience
  • 10-night accommodation
  • Healthy breakfasts
  • Inspirational group sessions (meditation & mindfulness)
  • Amazing & unique dinners
  • All transport in India
  • Adventures: rafting, treking
  • All tours mentioned in the itinerary
  • English speaking guides
  • All entrance fees and local taxes as per the itinerary


  • Flight to India
  • 90 USD for Internal Flights
  • 45 USD for Tips
  • Insurance
  • Lunch
  • Personal shopping
Payment Details

Secure your place at Boost Camp India: an advanced payment of €150 is required to make the reservation.
You have 30 days grace period during which you can make up your mind and the total amount of the advanced payment will be returned to you.
The 50% of the total tour price is due 120 days prior the starting day of the tour.
The balance of the total tour price is due 45 days prior the starting day of the tour.
If you book later than 45 days prior the starting day of the tour,  you will be required to make a full payment at the time of reservation.

Yes, there are cheaper trips but…

What makes Boost Camp India different from other vacations is that it shows an authentic, often off-the beaten path India. And it is an investment with long-lasting and even life-changing impact.



  • relax for 2 weeks or so which may keep you charged for a few days
  • create new habits? unlikely…
  • be inspired? unlikely….
  • meet new people? maybe…
  • need about a week to disconnect from work
  • go sightseeing and visit the usual touristy places
  • go for an adventure? possibly…
  • spend hours on TripAdvisor searching for authentic places to dine and things to do



  • relax but also learn how to relax and calm your mind when you are back to the crazy, busy world
  • start creating POWERFUL HABITS that will empower you to take control of your life
  • inject doses of inspiration every single day and be a part of a strong community to stay inspired
  • meet and connect with like-minded people, who also want to step up and get more out of life
  • disconnect from day one
  • get a deep cultural and authentic travel experience
  • delve into different adventures to boost your excitement
  • have amazing dining experiences, tried-and-tested, with incredible settings and authentic Indian cuisine


We know that you’re working very hard during the year. And if you decide to go for Boost Camp India you’re giving us something priceless: your free time. We’ve put our hearts and minds into crafting the itinerary, combining elements which will make the best investment of your time and money.  We aim for the perfect blend of deep boosting, adventure, cultural insight and relaxation. Below you will see the Boost Camp India day by day itinerary.


Morning boosting activities: detox drink, exercises, meditation, healthy breakfast

Authentic travel experience delving into the Indian culture, nature and community

Wrap up the day with an amazing dinner or contemplate the sunset with a drink in your hand


Prepare yourself for million sensations while you set foot in a different, fascinating world at your arrival to New Delhi. We’ll meet you at the airport and arrange the transfer to your comfortable accommodation. Orientation and welcoming dinner.

Overnight stay: Delhi


Delve into Old Delhi crowded bazaars and winding alleys. Take a crazy rickshaw ride through the narrow streets. Visit the imposing Red Fort and Jama Masjid and admire the excellence of Mughal architecture.  Take a breath in Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, the Sikh place of worship and visit its enormous kitchen serving 10 000 meals a day. Leave for Agra in the late afternoon. Check in at the hotel.

Overnight stay: Agra


Get amazed with Taj Mahal which is surely the most extravagant expression of love ever created. 20 000 men laboured on it for over seventeen years. Wander inside the monumental walls of Agra’s Red Fort where marble pavilions with floral inlays create a stunning ambience.  See how the marble is crafted by local craftsman following the traditional inlay art. Taste authentic flavours during the charming dinner.

Overnight stay: Agra


On the way to Jaipur visit Fatehpur Sikri, a 16th century deserted red sandstone city, built by Emperor Akbar as his capital. Later, at Chand Baori try to count 3500 steps of the most spectacular stepwell in India. After reaching Jaipur see the colourful local folk dance while trying local delicacies at the dinner.

Overnight stay: Jaipur


Jaipur called also a Pink City still keeps a magical old-world atmosphere and the aroma of the oriental romance is in the air. Experience an unforgettable ride on decorated elephant-back, to the Amber Fort which houses the magnificent Marble Palace, Temple of Victory, and Hall of Mirrors. Later visit the City Palace, home of the present Maharajah. 

Overnight stay: Jaipur


After breakfast drive to Alsisar. Check-in the magnificent and breathtaking palace Alsisar Mahal. The opulent royal rooms where you’ll indulge in a lavish stay are full of Rajasthani charm. The glorious history is reflected in the beautiful frescoes, grand courtyards and splendid dining area. In the afternoon visit a great merchant palace and Hindu temples and spectacular world of hand-painted havelis (mansions). Have a closer look at local communities everyday life in the nearby villages. 

Overnight stay: Alsisar


In the morning relax at the swimming pool. Take part in the mindfulness session, surrounded by the historical atmosphere of Alsisar Mahal palace. Before noon drive back to Delhi. Going through the local roads will give you more insight into the countryside life. After reaching Delhi take the evening flight to Rishikesh. Set in the Himalayan foothills and crossed by holy Ganges river, Rishikesh is a centre of yoga and meditation. Immerse in the tranquil atmosphere of this place and continue the mindful exploration. 

Overnight stay: Rishikesh


In the morning learn different techniques of meditation at the ashram. Later, during the mindfulness session by the Ganges river find out what triggers the negative emotions, frustration and stress and learn how to minimize them. Set off for whitewater rafting and conquer the rapids of the mystique Ganges. As dusk will descend, take part in the Ganga Aarti, a spiritual ritual that uses fire as an offering to the goddess of the holiest river in India – Maa Ganga. In the evening you’ll have a chance to taste the authentic, delicious and safe 🙂 street-food. No travel to India can be complete without this experience. 

Overnight stay: Rishikesh


Start the day with the morning meditation, learning ancient techniques at the ashram. Go deep into your own emotions during the mindfulness session by the Ganges river. Follow the turquoise rapids of Ganges on the nature walk with beautiful views. Later visit Hinduist temples and learn about the 4000 thousand-year-old year culture and Vedic art of living.

Overnight stay: Rishikesh

DAY 10

In the morning climb to Kunjapuri Devi temple and observe distant Himalayan range in the rising sunlight.  Later visit the local markets, see the day-to-day life and bizarre, hectic and so “Indian” hustle-bustle. In the afternoon scenic drive to the airport and fly back to Delhi.

Overnight stay: Delhi

DAY 11

Relaxing morning with a session of sharing your experiences. Time to say goodbye and drive to the airport.  But that’s not it! You are a Boost Camper now and your journey continues…Use your new boosting rituals, stay in touch with other Boost Campers and take part in post Boost Camp meetings!

Any question? We’d love to hear from you!