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One of a kind, Bali, Nusa Ceningan, Lembongan and Nusa Penida tour. Discover Bali holiday packages with a difference and rediscover yourself in the amazing atmosphere of Indonesian islands.






4550 USD

Amazing Bali and surrounding islands

One of a kind, Bali, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida tour with mindfulness approach. Boost your joy in the amazing surroundings. 

Get embraced by intense green landscapes. Feel accompanied by the spiritual atmosphere of ancient culture while you discover spectacularly located temples. Taste the hospitality of the simple local family, dining in their hut lost between rice terraces. Experience a purifying ritual in the holy springs of Tirta Emplu. Breakthrough the dense jungle and accept as a reward a refreshing shower in the hidden waterfall. Try island hopping to Nusa Ceningan, Lembongan and Nusa Penida and observe enormous manta rays floating in the crystal clear water. Enjoy snorkelling, chilling and amazing dining…celebrating life under warm Indonesian sun.

Dare to make a step out of the beaten track. Let us be your hosts, guides and companions on your way to discover a beating heart of Bali and surrounding islands.

Short itinerary

Day 1: Check-in in a Balinese style, stunning villa and delicious barbecue at dusk.

Day 2: At holy spring of a garden temple Tira Empul  experience an ancient, purifying ritual. After late lunch facing the waterfall follow to Ubud Palace and watch the traditional Balinese dance show.

Day 3: Off to whitewater rafting. Continue to Campuhan Ridge Walk and enjoy the view of rice terraces and lavish nature. Recover with the delicious dinner.

Day 4: Find your own paradise on the wild Nyang Nyang beach and later feel the infinity at one of the most spectacular infinity pools in Bali. To wrap up the day, bury your toes in the sand of Jimbaran Beach and taste the delicious fish freshly grilled for you.

Day 5: Catch your ferry to Nusa Penida – a home to some of the most idyllic beaches, cliffs and astonishing rock formations and immerse in its mysterious atmosphere.

Day 6: Let the beauty of Kelingkling beach and Angel’s Billabong on Nusa Penida amaze you. 

Day 7:Admire the scenery of the one-thousand-islands from the Ruma Pohon (tree house) viewpoint. Later head towards Atuh Beach Relax, unwind and dive into the crystal-clear water

Day 8: Hop to the sister islands of Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan and chill by the turquoise ocean

Day 9: Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan island hopping, chilling, snorkelling, sunset chasing…

Day 10: Another day on the postcard beautiful Nusa Lembongan & Ceningan islands.

Day 11: Head back to Bali and get wet at Kanto Lampo waterfall. Visit a local family and learn more about their customs, beliefs and everyday life.

Day 12: Breakfast and transfer to the airport.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Upon arrival to Bali, transfer to a Balinese style, stunning villa for check-in and freshen up. Delicious see view barbecue at dusk.

Day 2: Set off to discover a real Bali. At Tira Empul temple, you´ll witness the locals keeping alive an ancient ceremony of bathing in holy springs. Get embraced by a spiritual atmosphere of this place lost in dense greenery. Later, have a delicious meal with the scenic view of the waterfall. Continue to Ubud Palace and in the evening enjoy a traditional Barong dance performance that uses traditional masks and costumes as the embodiment of Balinese spirits. Delicious dinner will close this intense day.

Day 3: Off to Rafting. Test your fearlessness by conquering the river rapids and with river flow delve into the jungle. Recover lost energy by grabbing a light lunch (included). Head to Ubud and moving along the Campuhan Ridge Walk enjoy the view of rice terraces and lavish nature. After this active day, a rich dinner in Pomelo restaurant lost between rice paddies will taste like heaven. Or even better once you know that Pomelo cooperates with local farmers and uses only natural, fresh ingredients in their innovative and healthy recipes.

Day 4: After an inspiring session in the morning, find your own paradise on wild Nyang Nyang beach where intact white sand goes on and on until melting with the horizon. Later sense the infinity on The Edge, one of the most spectacular and iconic infinity pools in Bali. Lunch in the clifftop restaurant completes this perfect treat for your body and mind (optional and highly recommended). To wrap up the day, bury your toes in the sand of Jimbaran Beach and taste the delicious fish freshly grilled for you by the locals.

Day 5: Catch your ferry to Nusa Penida – that’s what local people do to get to this stunning island, home to some of the most idyllic beaches, cliffs and astonishing rock formations. Nusa Penida still holds the untouched, wild beauty and breaths the mysterious atmosphere. Crossing the water, enjoy the views of the majestic volcano Mount Agung and mingle with locals. Check-in in the boutique resort and with the setting sun as a background recharge during a boosting session. After feeding your mind, it´s high time to feed your body. Enjoy another amazing dinner!

Day 6: Feel like an explorer in the astonishing island. Visit Broken Beach and one of the most incredible and unusual cliff formations called Kelingking. Challenge yourself with an hour-long descent to the Secret Beach. Relax and chill while watching another amazing sunset. Dinner in the resort followed by a session on Gratitude.

Day 7: Practising the Gratitude mindset, admire the scenery of the one-thousand-islands from the Ruma Pohon (tree house) viewpoint. Later head towards Atuh Beach for the stunning white sand beach, surrounded by high cliffs and remarkable rock formations. Relax, unwind and dive into the crystal-clear water. Dinner at the resort with a session on Journaling.

Day 8: After breakfast, transfer to the island of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan which is connected with its bigger “sister” with a bridge. Every day we will have time to rest, relax and explore the charming corners of these small islands. Mangroves, white-sand beaches surrounded with blue ocean and interesting rock formations such as Devil’s Tears await us here. This is also where the Blue Lagoon is located, where the water takes on the most beautiful tones of turquoise.

Day 9: Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan island hopping, chilling, snorkelling, sunset chasing…

Day 10:  Another day on the postcard beautiful Nusa Lembongan & Ceningan islands. When we’ll be tired of the sun and all the attractions, the barbecue at sunset will make the evening even more pleasant.

Day 11: After breakfast drive to the port, say goodbye to Nusa Penida and head back to Bali. Once you are there, the next stop will be Kanto Lampo waterfall. You can break away from the other visitors, take a dip at not touristy part of the fall and have fun with local kids. Unwind with the calming sound of water before your afternoon visit at the local home, where you´ll have a deeper insight into the everyday, authentic life of Balinese family. From the customs and rituals, trough daily routines and the way of seeing the world. There is a lot to learn from the wisdom and heritage of ancient Balineses, still alive in today´s Bali. How to finish this intensive day? Yes, a dinner at a restaurant with a beautiful ambiance and amazing food is the correct answer 🙂

Day 12: Relaxing morning sharing your experiences. Time to say goodbye and drive to the airport. But that’s not it! You are a Boost Camper now and your journey continues…Use your new boosting rituals and stay in touch with other Boost Campers!


We’ve been carefully hand-crafting this tour, selecting each element of the itinerary to give you a unique blend of adventure, spirituality, culture and relaxation. Find out what is there for you in our Bali holiday packages with a difference!

More than touristy spots

not forgetting about iconic, must-see places we invite to follow off the beaten tracks

balinese purifying ritual

in the holy springs of Tirta Emplu and tranquil scenery of ancient garden temple

Balinese cooking class

giving a grasp of Balinese culture from local community

turquoise waters of Nusa Islands

island hopping, swimming and snorkelling in the crystal blue water

Stunning waterfalls

hidden in the lavish jungle, away from the crowds,

Distinctive dinning

from humble family-run eateries to fancy sunset restaurants, we invite you to taste Bali with us

Unique accomodation

more than a stay, we want you to indulge into Balinese magic atmosphere in one of the traditional, dazzling villas overlooking rice paddy with private swimming pool

3-night stay at Nusa Penida

unlike other 1 day tours, we want you to delve deeply into the finest nature gems of this island

incredible sunsets

on Bali and Nusa islands every evening

pristine, hidden, wild beaches



The pace of our modern, busy life often create the  misalignment in our basic human needs and consequences are stress, frustration, agitations, mood swing and lots of negative emotions.  There is a reason why you’re going on holiday, right?

Boost Camp is a 360-degree approach designed to boost your happiness and life and also make the best use of your holidays. That’s why when you’ll be getting deeper into Balinese landscape and intimidating cultural heritage, you’ll have a chance to go deeper within yourself. 

Shubho, with 19-year meditation practice, will guide mindfulness & meditation sessions. In the ambiance of the amazing places in Bali & surrounding islands you will find out how to: 

  • Make small shifts every day to create a big impact
  • Reduce significantly, your stress, frustration and learn to calm your mind
  • Perceive anger from a different perspective and get less angry
  • Be Happier every day, even when things are tough
  • Make yourself more likable
  • Discover your hidden inner strength and double it 

Shubho Dutta a Founder of DLI Travel, a paragliding enthusiast, diver, loves cooking and loves connecting with aspiring and positive humans. Born and brought up in India, lived in Ireland, London, Singapore, Poland and Switzerland. Hungry for personal development, Shubho is not only a researcher of mindfulness & Meditation – learning ancient Hindu, Vedic and Buddhist techniques but also a seeker of how to lead a life full of compassion, deeper level happiness and passionate about making others happy.


24 APR – 5 MAY 2023

Price: 4550 USD (excl any Flights)

Please make sure to check “Price includes” and “Price doesn’t include” tabs.

Price Includes
  • 11 nights / 12 days Accommodation (traditional Balinese villa or resort)
  • Breakfasts
  • Amazing & Unique Dinners
  • Speed boat
  • All transport in Bali, and visited islands
  • Professional English speaking guides on all of the above tours
  • All entrance fees, local taxes as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Shubho´s expertise and assistance during the whole tour
  • Guided mindfulness sessions
Price doesn't include
  • Long haul flights to Bali
  • Tips (approx. 45 USD)
  • Insurance
  • Lunch (but Breakfasts & Dinners are very big)
  • Personal shopping


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