Available also during Diwali Festival

Experience mind-expanding diversity and intensity during an unforgettable journey to royal Rajasthan, colonial Kolkata and Assan wild Safari. Select the festival date and take part in a unique festival of lights. Discover India holiday packages with a mindfulness approach.






4700 USD

amazing india: royal, colonial & wild

Available at Special Festival edition

Experience mind-blowing diversity and intensity during unforgettable India mindfulness tour to colonial Kolkata, wild nature sanctuary at Kaziranga National Park in Assan and royal Rajasthan. Practise mindfulness in amazing ambience and going in October or November get amazed with festival of lights.

Prepare your senses for million sensations while you set foot in a different, fascinating world. Let the intimidating cultural richness amaze you. Once you reach Ganges Delta, visit Kolkata and find out why it is called the cultural capital of India. Slow down, take a deep breath while on the elephant´s back you delve deeply into India’s wilderness at Kaziranga UNESCO National Park. Take a crazy rickshaw ride through Old Delhi narrow streets and get lost in the crowded bazaars. See how the rising sun brings out the shape of Taj Mahal and wander inside the monumental walls of Agra’s Red Fort. Listen to the air whistling through the windows of Jaipur´s Palace of Wind and feel as maharaja when sleeping in Asislar Mahal. In all these amazing places practise mindfulness and make yourself richer not only with beautiful memories.

Dare to take a step out of the beaten track. Let us be your hosts, guides and companions on your way to discover a beating heart of India.

Rajasthani ceremony with the dancing women in traditional outfit. India holiday packages with a difference.
Short itinerary

Day 1: First steps in Kolkata and the land of million sensations.

Day 2: Take part in the mindfulness session and become your mindful journey. In October/November edition immerse in the festive atmosphere of Durga Puja and Diwali festival of lights

Day 3: Discover Kolkata as a cultural capital of India hiding colonial and West Bengali art gems.

Day 4:  Fly to Jorhat in Assam and unforgettable drive to  Kaziranga National Park.

Day 5: Elephant back ride through the UNESCO sanctuary of nature. Jeep safari in the afternoon.

Day 6: Visit a local village and find our where your morning tea comes from at on of thousands the Assam tea gardens. 

Day 7:  Take a crazy rickshaw ride through the narrow streets of Old Delhi and see the imposing monuments of capital of India capital.

Day 8: Wander inside the monumental walls of the Red Fort  in Agra where marble pavilions with floral inlays create a stunning ambiance. 

Day 9: See how the raising sun takes out the shape of Taj Mahal. Visit Fathepur Sikri and one of the biggest step-wells in India.

Day 10:  Discover the unique monuments of Jaipur, the Pink City which still breaths an atmosphere of old-world oriental romance.

Day 11:  Immerse into the splendid and grandeur of Rajasthan at Alsisar Mahal. Discover the world of the havelis and hand painted frescoes in Alsisar and nearby villages.

Day 12: Relaxing morning in the splendid atmosphere of Asislar Mahal palace. Drive back to Delhi taking the local roads.

Day 13: Time to say goodbye and drive to the airport.  But that’s not it! You are a Boost Camper now and your journey continues…

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Prepare yourself for million sensations, while you set foot in a different, fascinating world at your arrival to Kolkata. We’ll meet you at the airport and arrange the transfer to your comfortable accommodation. Orientation and welcoming dinner. Overnight stay: Kolkata.

Day 2: Immerse in the mindfulness session to become the present observer, not only of the exotic reality but also of your thoughts and emotions. With the mindful mindset discover a colonial charm of Kolkata, a place from which the British Empire controlled half of the world.  ***In October/November edition, take part in the celebration of Kali Puja followed by Diwali festival of lights on the streets of Kolkata. Diwali comes from Sanskrit “dipavali“, which means a line of lights. During 5 festive days, the streets of the capital of West Bengal are bursting with firecrackers and sparklers and don’t fall asleep meanwhile the houses are adorned with diyas, candles and colourful rangolis on the floors. The celebration of Diwali varies depending on the state and in Kolkata it coincides with Kali Puja. At night, a large number of devotees worships the goddess Kali in thousands of provisioned pandals, homes and temples. Participating in this festive atmosphere is a unique experience. Overnight stay: Kolkata.

Day 3: Discover Kolkata as a cultural capital of India. Located in the muddy Delta of rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra, this city guards the biggest number of British colonial monuments. One of the greatest is a Queen Victoria Memorial and Howarth Bridge, one of the biggest achievement of the British architecture and engineering in India. Colonial reminiscences interlace with magnificent Bengali art expression present on every step of this megacity. Kolkata is also Mother Teresa and we will visit the house and tumb of this incredible founder of Missionaries of Charity who has received a Nobel Peace Prize for her service to the “poorest of the poor”. Overnight stay: Kolkata.

Day 4: After a flight to Jorhat in Assam, transfer to Kaziranga National Park, World Heritage Site. This natural sanctuary hosts two-thirds of the world’s great one-horned rhinoceroses. Crossed by four rivers including the Brahmaputra, this vast area of tall elephant grass and tropical moist forests is also a home of countless species as Asian elephants, Wild Water Buffalo, Golden langur or Rose-ringed Parakeets. This is the kingdom of nature and being a guest there is a true privilege. Overnight stay: Kaziranga UNESCO National Park.

Day 5: At dawn, delve into the wild nature on the back of an elephant at Kaziranga National Park. In the afternoon, jeep safari to discover different parts of the Park. Overnight stay: Kaziranga UNESCO National Park.

Day 6: After breakfast, we’ll visit a local village and its humble and hardworking community. Later, find out where your morning tea comes from on your visit to one of 200.000 Assam’s tea gardens. Take a scenic road to the airport and fly to the capital of India, New Delhi. Overnight stay: Kaziranga UNESCO National Park.

Day 7: Delve into Old Delhi crowded bazaars and winding alleys. Take a crazy rickshaw ride through the narrow streets. Visit the imposing Red Fort and Jama Masjid and admire the excellence of Mughal architecture. Take a breath in Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, the Sikh place of worship and visit its enormous kitchen serving 10 000 meals a day. Overnight stay: Delhi.

Day 8: Leave Delhi in the morning and after reaching Agra, wander inside the monumental walls of the Red Fort where marble pavilions with floral inlays create a stunning ambience. See how the marble is crafted by local craftsman following the traditional inlay art. Taste authentic flavours during the charming dinner. Overnight stay: Agra.

Day 9: At dawn, get amazed with Taj Mahal which is surely the most extravagant expression of love ever created. About 20 000 men laboured on it for over seventeen years. It was commissioned by Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his third wife who died in 1631. Begun in 1632 and completed in 1653, the Taj Mahal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one of the eight wonders of the world. Later, set off for Jaipur and on the way marvel on the via Fatehpur Sikri, a 16th century deserted red sandstone city, built by Emperor Akbar as his capital. At Chand Baori try counting 3500 steps of the most spectacular step-well in India. After reaching Jaipur see the colourful local folk dance while trying local delicacies. Overnight stay: Jaipur.

Day 10: Jaipur called also a Pink City still keeps a magical old-world atmosphere and the aroma of the oriental romance is in the air. Explore the Amber Fort which houses the magnificent Marble Palace, Temple of Victory, and Hall of Mirrors. Later visit the City Palace, home of the present Maharajah and find our why Hawa Mahal is called a Palace of Wind. Overnight stay: Jaipur.

Day 11: After breakfast drive to Alsisar. Check-in the magnificent and breathtaking palace Alsisar Mahal. The opulent royal rooms where you’ll indulge in a lavish stay are full of Rajasthani charm. The glorious history is reflected in the beautiful frescoes, grand courtyards and splendid dining area. In the afternoon visit a great merchant palace and Hindu temples and spectacular world of hand-painted havelis (mansions). Have a closer look at local communities everyday life in the nearby villages. Overnight stay: Alsisar.

Day 12: In the morning relax at the swimming pool. Take part in the mindfulness session, surrounded by the historical atmosphere of Alsisar Mahal palace. Before noon drive back to Delhi. Going through the local roads will give you more insight into the countryside life. Another chance to taste the delicious food, this time at dhaba, a traditional, authentic eatery. Overnight stay: Delhi

Day 13: Relaxing morning with a session of sharing your experiences. Time to say goodbye and drive to the airport.  But that’s not it! You are a Boost Camper now and your journey continues…Use your new boosting rituals, stay in touch with other Boost Campers and take part in post Boost Camp meetings!


We’ve been carefully hand-crafting this tour, selecting each element of the itinerary to give you a unique blend of adventure, spirituality, culture and relaxation. Find out what is there for you in our India holiday packages and what makes the whole difference.


Let the lights of the biggest Hindu festival ignite your curiosity. See how the victory of the good over evil is celebrated on the streets that during 5-days don’t sleep, bursting with candles, lights and fireworks.

Each of the 5 days has a distinct meaning related to different myths, beliefs and rituals. The celebration of Diwali varies depending on the state and in Kolkata, it coincides with Kali Puja. At night, a large number of devotees worships the goddess Kali in thousands of provisioned pandals, homes and temples. Participating in this festive atmosphere is a unique, unforgettable experience. 

More than touristy spots

not forgetting about iconic, must-see places we invite you to follow off the beaten tracks, accompanied by a friend showing you his own country. Shubho was born and raised in India and will introduce you to this stunningly diverse universe. He will also show his hometown, Kolkata, bursting with lights and colours on Diwali.


royal Rajasthan, colonial Kolkata and wild nature sanctuary at Kaziranga National Park in Assan


staying at Asislar Mahal where glorious ages of Rajasthani history are reflected in primacy and grandeur


From the humble, family-run eatery, through the authentic street food to the royal style feasts – we want you to taste a real India with us. 


on elephant’s back at Kaziranga National Park, UNESCO wild nature sanctuary, this experience is difficult to find with any other tour operator and impossible to forget


The pace of our modern, busy life often create the  misalignment in our basic human needs and consequences are stress, frustration, agitations, mood swing and lots of negative emotions.  There is a reason why you’re going on holiday, right?

Boost Camp is a 360-degree approach designed to boost your happiness and life and also make the best use of your holidays. That’s why when you’ll be getting deeper into Indian landscape and intimidating cultural heritage, you’ll have a chance to go deeper within yourself. 

Shubho, with 19-year meditation practice, will guide mindfulness & meditation sessions. In the ambiance of the amazing places in India you will find out how to: 

-Make small shifts every day to create a big impact
-Reduce significantly, your stress, frustration and learn to calm your mind
-Perceive anger from a different perspective and get less angry
-Be Happier every day, even when things are tough
-Make yourself more likeable
-Discover your hidden inner strength and double it 

Shubho Dutta a Founder of DLI Travel, a paragliding enthusiast, diver, loves cooking and loves connecting with aspiring and positive humans. Born and brought up in India, lived in Ireland, London, Singapore, Poland and Switzerland. Hungry for personal development, Shubho is not only a researcher of mindfulness & Meditation – learning ancient Hindu, Vedic and Buddhist techniques but also a seeker of how to lead a life full of compassion, deeper level happiness and passionate about making others happy.



17 October – 30 October 2023

Festival Diwali edition


Price: 4700 USD (Flights excluded)

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Price Includes
  • 12 nights / 13 days Accommodation (3 and 4-star Hotels including Alsisar Mahal palace)
  • Breakfasts
  • Amazing & Unique 3 course Dinners
  • All transport in Private AC Mini-van/Bus
  • Professional English speaking guides on all of the above tours
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • All entrance fees, local taxes as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Shubho’s expertise and assistance during the whole tour
Price doesn't include
  • Long haul flights from Your country to India
  • Tips (approx. 45 USD)
  • Internal flights (approx. 140 USD)
  • Insurance
  • Lunch (but Breakfasts & Dinners are very big)
  • Personal shopping


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The attention given to us is one to one The accommodation and the food were excellent. The value for money is very good and DLI are people you can trust.

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Best holiday I’ve ever been. They gave personal touch like no other tour operator will give you. It is an adventure and this is something that you will never see on any other holiday.


Looking on what we got compared to what we paid, it is absolutely great value for money. We are treated like friends not as clients and that’s the difference.

George, London, UK

It’s been absolutely amazing. With all the places we’ve seen, all the food that we’ve eaten and all the experiences we have, this is absolutely best value for money.”

Linda, Essex, UK


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