21 days Gratitude Challenge

Why is it worth to appreciate your own life?

Appreciation of your own life can become the foundation of your wealth: spiritual, emotional and material.

Imagine that your happiness – inner joy and peace – is like a flower and you are a gardener.

No need to say that your goal is to make your plant beautiful, healthy and huge. So you start cultivating – every single day you take care of your little flower, you water it, you protect it from the wind and insects, you remove weeds. And the flower is growing and growing… So does your happiness. To cultivate it you should have tools. To bring yourself positive aspects of life every day, you should learn gratitude. And by cultivating a gratitude practice, you can make a profound difference in how you feel starting today.


reduce the negative effects of stress

improve sleep

cultivate positive emotions

Establish new habit – be grateful, appreciate small things and you will become happier.

Also, could it get any easier? Even during hard times or difficult weeks, there is always, always something you can point to (weather, a smile, unexpected call, friendly gesture)

We want to help you to cultivate your flower, that is why we created
(free) 21 days gratitude challenge.

See our prompts for each day of the challenge and join our community of grateful people who want to make a change in this simple way. 

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