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You’ll find pieces of advice from Shubho, who was born and raised in this stunningly diverse country and understands like no one else its singularities and unwritten laws. Plus, for the past 10 years, he has been showing the amazingness of India to fellow Travellers. Yes, he knows what he’s talking about 🙂

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About Shubho

Born in India, as a first-year student in a respected Hotel Management School in Shannon, Ireland, Shubho wasn’t sure how to properly cook basmati rice. Thanks to his passion for a good food, appetite for discovery combined with surprising determination in improving his skills and genuine joy in sharing the good things with others -not only has he become Master Chef among his friends and family but back in 2006, he created DLI Travel. A travel company where the “customers” are called “friends” and all the elements of the itineraries leading to the authentic travel experiences are carefully handpicked and tested, like the ingredients of the unique gourmet dish.

For the last 10 years, Shubho has been taking his fellow travel companions to India showing them the beauty of his country and taking care that they have a mind-blowing, authentic, exciting yet safe India travel.

Shubhos’s Top 5 India Travel Tips

1. Try a rickshaw ride through the crazy narrow streets of Old Delhi

Feel as local delving into the beautiful chaos using a traditional mean of transport in the oldest part of Delhi

2. Visit a local temple

Visiting the local places of worship is one of the ways to have a better understanding of a lifestyle, culture and philosophy of local community

3. Share a palace with maharaja in Rajasthan

Spoil yourself in one of the hundred authentic palaces where the splendid history of the land of maharajas is reflected in primacy and grandeur…incredible experience even if you stay for 1 or 2 nights

4. Eat where the locals eat

From humble family-run eateries, street food stands to fancy upmarket restaurants, try the taste of a real India always making sure that the place is busy with locals which will guarantee that the food is freshly cooked and will not harm your health

5. Try combining themes

India is incredibly diverse and combining some of the themes such as Royal Rajasthan, Colonial Kolkata, Laidback Goa, Wild Assan or Mighty Kerala and Backwaters is a way to get the perfect blend of India

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